Quick Guide Before Getting Your Dumpster.

You’ve finally decided on starting that big project you’ve been wanting to do and are willing to really get your hands dirty and buy what’s necessary so it comes out the way you want. But with big projects comes a big clean-up, so you are considering renting a dumpster to make that process easier and accessible from home.

Before you rent your dumpster (or if you already have, before it arrives), take some extra precautions when it comes to deciding where you place your dumpster. Doing so can make the dumpster rental process easier on you, your neighbors, for those delivering your rental, and for your property.

Consider the Location

Take careful consideration when deciding where to put your dumpster. Ideally, you want to place your dumpster on a flat and hard surface, free from obstructions, and accessible for both you and the dumpster delivery truck.

You might not be able to rent a dumpster if the area is in or on:

A soft or sandy surface. If these surfaces go beyond just the dumpster spot and the delivery truck must drive on it or through it, it could end up getting stuck. You could also potentially damage property that might be underground, like septic tanks, plumbing, or sprinklers.

City side streets. You might need a dumpster permit in some areas. By consulting with your delivery service, they may be able to help you prepare for a permit if you need one.

Steep hills or slopes. These could cause the trucks to move or shift. This is especially risky when it’s cold and surfaces become frosted or icy and you’re filling your dumpster with a heavy load. The heavier the load, the bigger the risk, but even a smaller load could send your dumpster rolling depending on the slope and weather conditions. You do not want to have your dumpster rolling down a hill and potentially damaging any cars, people, or other property. If your driveway is sloped, ask a representative from the dumpster rental service if there is anything that can be done to help secure your rental.

Accommodate Space for the Dumpster and the Delivery Truck

Take the measurements of your dumpster in account. Generally, you want to prepare an area of about 10 feet wide.

Delivery trucks also require a certain amount of clearance in order to deliver your dumpster properly (clearance in a straight line for parking, vertical clearance for the roll-off). Ask your rental service about the size of their delivery trucks and which will be used for your dumpster (the delivery truck used might vary depending on your dumpster’s size) and how much space you should accommodate for. These sizes can vary around 50-60 feet clearance in a straight line and 12-23 feet of vertical clearance.

Clear the area of any obstructions. Some examples are vehicles, trash and recycling bins, children’s toys, bikes, sports equipment, fences, plants, debris, and hanging objects.

Ask your neighbors if they could move their car or any obstructions. You should also consult your neighbors if renting a dumpster would be in their way and inhibit them somehow. You should accommodate space for your dumpster without impacting your neighbor’s property, and let them know if the delivery truck might need to use their space when dropping off your dumpster.

Prevent Property Damage

If you are concerned about your driveway or the surface of where your dumpster rental will be located, consider using plywood or boards to set your dumpster on. This prevents any damages to the surface below, but keep in mind that the wood will get damaged. Some dumpster rental services may provide extra services to help protect your property. Remember that your risk of damage will depend on the weight of your dumpster, so prepare by taking account of what you will be filling the dumpster with and how heavy those materials are.


Making sure the area is clear is ideal for making the dumpster drop-off process as hassle-free as possible for the delivery workers. But you should also account for how accessible your dumpster is for you and what your dumpster could end up inconveniencing if you choose to put it in that location.

Where your dumpster is located can impact the time and effort needed to clean up your project. In some cases, accessibility can prevent additional property damages or accidents happening by reducing the need to maneuver around obstacles or through tight spaces.

If it’s blocking something you’ll need, like any entry ways, paths, or storage units, consider another location or moving any items that you might need (if that’s possible) prior to the delivery. If you choose to have your dumpster in your driveway, make sure you are still able to comfortably move your vehicle, without scratching or damaging it.

Know your Delivery Date

Being prepared when the delivery arrives is ideal for making sure your delivery can run smoothly. This gives you time to do the needed actions necessary to make sure the area is clear and ready, without having to prepare too early or too late. This is especially important if you need to move any vehicles or need your neighbor to clear space.

Following these suggestions can help prevent any inconveniences from happening while renting your dumpster. By being prepared and making your dumpster rental period as hassle-free as possible, you can spend more time and energy into completing your project more efficiently and making it easier to clean up.

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